My name is Shannon Miller. I am the person behind Hillbilly’s Corner. I am from East Tennessee, and that’s where ‘Hillbilly’ comes from.

I am a wife to Robert, and a mommy to Dakota, Billy and Brookelyn. I have been a stay at home mom since I was pregnant with Brookelyn in 2006. It was difficult to find employment while I was pregnant, so I started in direct sales.

I became a work at home mom! I joined a lot of direct sales companies and compiled them all on one site called Hillbilly’s Corner. Hillbilly’s Corner started as a free web site. I had heard that a free web site wouldn’t get respect as a reputable site. I bought my domain name and bought affordable hosting to let people know that I am serious about my businesses.

What is my goal in direct sales?
I want to spread the word about the companies I represent. I want to network with other work at home individuals. I want to build an established relationship with potential customers and show them they can trust me and the companies I represent.

My companies pride themselves in customer service, and so do I!!